Sequential illustration of a young boy magician pulling a white rabbit out of his top hat.
Illustration of a woman looking over her shoulder and smiling.Illustration of a little indian girl with long hair riding and hugging a tiger in the jungle.
Illustration of a little girl with short dark hair celebrating her birthday with her pets. She's about to blow out her birthday candles.Illustration of a father taking a skiing lunch break with his two daughters. They're enjoying hot chocolate and easy peelers together.
Illustration of two girls wearing bunads eating ice cream and hotdogs together.
Illustration of two little girls cuddling kittens and the new cat parents by some bushes. They're laughing and kittens are climbing up their arms.
Illustration of a young witch holding two cages, one in each hand. There's an owl in one cage and a smaller brown bird in the other.
Illustration of a little girl looking upset with her arms down and her hands closed into little fists as she's looking up into her hair where there's a little duck nesting in her hair looking back at here.
Illustration of little red riding hood confronting the wolf in her grandmother's bed.
Illustration of Pippi Longstocking riding her horse with her monkey sitting in the horse's head.
Illustration of a woman looking furious, she's glancing over her shoulder while gritting her teeth.
Illustration of a cowgirl singing and playing guitar by the campfire opposite a white rabbit under the starry night sky.
Illustration of a bassist crouching down. She has long wavy, thick, dark hair touching the ground. She's looking in the camera and is resting her right elbow on the bass with the left hand holding the neck of the bass.

Her skin is violet, the her top is navy blue, her trousers are bright red and her boots are light blue.
Illustration of Peter Pan spinning tales to captivated mermaids while Wendy is in the foreground struggling to get the other mermaids to leave her alone as they're tugging at her dress.
Illustration of Alice in Wonderland struggling to wrangle her flamingo enough to play croquet. there's a paint bucket in the foreground as well as some unfinished roses.
Illustration of a little girl opening Christmas presents alone.