I was born and raised in Norway and came to England to study for my BA (Hons) in Illustration. After graduating from the Arts University of Bournemouth my partner and I decided to move to Bristol to take on new challenges and adventures. 

I work both traditionally and digitally and regardless of my medium, my work varies from colourful and eye-catching to dark and atmospheric.


A large chunk of my professional experience comes from graphic novels, some authored by myself, some collaborating with a writer. I'm comfortable with sequential art and have been working on my animation skills post-university.

When I'm not working on my art I spend my time looking for new graphic novels to read and playing video games on steam. I'm currently enjoying Kingdoms: New lands, super comfy game if you have some time to spare.


That having been said, if there's anything trash on TV I usually can't help myself. No offence, Judge Judy.

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