I was born and raised in Norway 🇳🇴. Growing up I loved reading comics and would borrow my dad’s old Asterix, Lucky Luke and Donald Duck cartoons (the latter was, and still is, very popular in Scandinavia).

When I started buying my own comics one of my first favourites was “Nemi”. This was a series I became obsessed with and would buy every month, it is still being made today.​ When I grew older and started honing my creative skills I began reaching out to publishers at conventions to network and get to know fellow creatives.  One day we had editors from Egmont visit our school and this was how my childhood dream came true and my first comic was published in Nemi.

Shortly after I moved to England to attend University where I met my partner and fell in love with the country, but also different art mediums. While developing my own brand identity and exploring my creative interest I developed a love for design and animation. My partner and I currently live in Bristol and are enjoying our time together playing games and working on creative projects.
Before and after uni I freelanced as a comic book artist and editorial artist. At this date in time I have been published in Norway, UK and America, one day I'm hoping to get my own story published.

Currently I am working for Staysure Group as a full-time Senior Digital Designer where I am part of the marketing team where I help create content for social channels, digital ads and websites for all of our brands - I think there's 6 or 7 different ones 😅

In my spare time I make and sell digital templates, look after my own Etsy store, sell stock images and work on my social media presence - you can't be an independent creative without also being a content creator 🫠
In 2013 I studied Illustration at the Arts University of Bournemouth. I graduated in 2016 with a First Class Honours BA and had my work displayed at the D&AD festival alongside some of my fellow students to represent our university.
I’ve worked with local charities and have made promotional video content and website updates for some of them. I am especially passionate about mental health which is why I've spent most of my time volunteering with Changes Bristol.